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Griffin simplifies product offerings

Griffin Consulting is offering an all new cloud based dashboard solution for health plans. Easily developed and rapidly deployed with a small footprint.

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Insurance products for you

Medicare Supplement (Medi-Gap), Medicare PDP (Drug Coverage) and End of Life Insurance

We are experts in all things Medicare and represent several Medi-Gap Carriers. Fill out this interest form and we will contact you for a personal evaluation of your Medicare needs. Yes, I'm Interested in learning more about Medicare Supplement and/or End of Life Insurance!

Medicare Advantage


From business audits to developing strategies, we offer significant auditing and consulting expertise to our clients.


Individual Dental, Vision and Life


There are risks involved in any business. We provide you with extensive advice on how to be prepared for any crisis, large or small.

Small to Medium Employer Group Voluntary Benefits

If you own or work for a small to medium size business we can set your company up at no charge to offer a suite of Voluntary Benefits for your employees to choose individually. They include Dental, Vision, Accident, Life and products to help with out of pocket medical costs.


Studies show access to Dental/Vision coverage is the number one most requested benefit.

                                                        Your employees can purchase thier own coverage (through these products) and have the premiums                                                                deducted directly from their paycheck.

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