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Griffin simplifies product offerings

Griffin Consulting is offering an all new cloud based dashboard solution for health plans. Easily developed and rapidly deployed with a small footprint.

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Healthcare Analytics, Data Science and Software Development


One long time focus of our group has been small to mid-size health insurers and more recently physician practice groups. We can immediately bring over 116 years of experience in these unique areas. We can provide content development for an existing data warehouse or in house analytic solution, or we can provide ground up development of an all new well designed solution.


Griffin has “straw man” data warehouse designs available specifically created for healthcare organizations. Our initial designs can jump start any project and save immense upfront development costs. By utilizing one of our designs you can direct your focus and dollars at content and deliverable analytics without spending $100’s of thousands just getting the basic warehouse built.

One of the best ways to get the most value out of already hired data analysts is to give them a well thought out data solution that allows them to do business analysis - not data building.


Dashboards are a critical part of a well-designed data solution, providing easy access to critical performance measures. Griffin partners with iDashboards to provide low cost, rapidly deployed dashboard content. Let us work with your data and develop comprehensive executive dashboards.


Health Plan Analytics and Dashboards

Our newest product delivers a set of critical dashboards to health plan executives. They have been developed to be rapdily deployed using a minimal set of in bound data. Hosted in the Cloud, our solution is inexpensive, easy to use and does not require huge resources on your end to install or develop.

With a small dataset delivered to our cloud server we can have the Dashboards you see here built for your health plan in just 30 days.

Data Science and Big Data


We have healthcare experienced Data Scientists ready to take your data set in and deliver insightful leading edge analysis back to your leadership. Contact us with your specific project or ask about projects we have done for our health plan and physician group clients.


Custom Data Analysis and Content Development


There is probably not some variation of a healthcare data project that Griffin has not worked on over the years. We can listen to your specific need and rapidly develop a data driven solution to your problem or need for analysis.

Custom Programming


Again with a particularly deep healthcare background we can develop ground up program solutions to existing problems utilizing modern tools and highly experienced software engineers and database experts.

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